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About us

About Edward and Vintage

Sweets & Fudge Shop


Edward and Vintage is a 1940's sweet shop in Tissington, set in former post office and cottage which dates back to 1800.


Set in Tissington, one of England's most picturesque villages, Edward and Vintage has won awards for being one of the top two best vintage shops in Britain by BBC's "Homes and Antiques", and has been featured on ITV's "Off the Beaten Track", as well as several magazine articles.


Quaint little sweet shop

“A visit to this quaint little sweet shop in the village of Tissington is a real "must". Not only do they stock an amazing range of old-fashioned sweets served from good old-fashioned sweet jars, but they also sell the delicious Hope Valley Ice Cream, and they have a lovely little enclosed garden area outside where you can sit and enjoy your goodies. If you have children in your party, this is the perfect resting place, as they can run around is safety for a short while before you resume your walk around the lovely village of Tissington.”



Here's a little video of how Edward and Vintage started off in 2010 when the shop was split into a small sweet shop and an antiques shop.




Fantastical Fudge Factory



The Fantastical Fudge Factory is owned by David Westcott-Walker, also proprietor of a 1940's sweet shop 'Edward and Vintage'. He's a man on a mission to get our mouths watering and our senses tingling as he takes us back to a bygone era. 


As popularity grew for his childhood sweets, the love of fudge also came into the mix, and so he began making his delicious home made fudge!

From Salted Popcorn flavour to the classic Vanilla, you won't be disappointed by the range of fudge to choose from. You can even suggest your own flavour for the chance of it being made and sold online and some delivered to your door! So go on, what's your dream fudge flavour?



Dangerously Good Fudge...

5 of 5 starsReviewed 10 September 2015


Edward and Vintage