Ration Books

Ration Books



If you are looking for an original gift idea, then why not purchase our Ration Book.

This gift will allow your loved one to choose from a vast selection of our sweets spending the amount stated in the Ration Book.


Bringing childhood memories back to life!


How do I order a Ration Book?

Simply call us on 01335 390 537 and we’ll be pleased to help.

You can select whether you would like your loved one to collect their sweets from our shop or have them posted.

How much is in a ration book?

Each Ration Book is worth £16.00. The miniumum order is £16, or you can purchase several ration books to increase the value.

Do either I or the gift receiver pay for the postage of the sweets?

Postage is free, which means the gift reciever doesn't have to pay anything.

What does my loved one receive through the post?

Mr Edward will post a Ration Book (by standard 2nd Class post) with a complete list of our wide range of sweets and fudges to choose from. The Ration Book looks like the image at the top of this page.

How do they order their sweets using their Ration Book?

After your loved one has decided what they would like in their sweet ration, they can either email or call Mr Edward to place their order, and Mr Edward will then lovingly pack all their goodies in a paper package and post it out by 2nd Class post. Alternatively, if they are planning a visit to us in person, they can spend their Ration Book in store!